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I must be completely honest.

While I like to think that I am a very focused and effective person, there are seasons when I find myself sunken deep in a funk!  During these bouts of procrastination and avoidance behavior, most times I know exactly what I need to do but have little desire to do anything.  And it is in that state that I find myself getting more confused, indecisive, and clouded.  During these times my default “avoidance behavior” is jumping from one thing to the next.  It’s like I took a shot of A.D.D. surum and my mind rebels against focusing on one thing for any useful amount of time.

In this hyper-stemulated state of mind wondering today (yes I was in one of those states today) I jumped onto one of the blogs I follow  Today’s post stopped me DEAD in my tracks!  Here’s what Caleb wrote:

“I’m as big an advocate as any that you should continue to educate yourself throughthought provoking booksonline business education, and deliberate practice, but often these things are done for a different, negative reason.


Instead of focusing your energy towards creating something that matters do you ever go off to “research and plan” for a few hours instead?

You pick up a book you’ve already read, look on social media for links to inspirational posts to get you motivated, or email a few close friends to justify that what you are planning on doing matches what you already KNOW you should be doing.

Just Do It

The Nike slogan definitely applies here. Just do what you know you need to do.

YOU are the one that does the work day in and day out. YOU are the one that knows best what should be done. YOU are the one that the final decision rests on. YOU are the one that will have to deal with the praise or criticism.

So why are you spending so much time looking elsewhere for the justification of what your gut is telling you to do?”  (for the whole post click here)

Here are my thoughts about Procrastination (& they are a wake serious call):

Procrastination is very destructive and debilitating.  It reinforces fear and celebrates inaction.  Procrastination is also very dangerous because it conditions defeated behavior sending a person into an endless spiral of overwhelm and self-doubt.

So what’s the solution?

What’s the moral here?

Bottom Line…

Thinking is thinking.  It is not action.  And not all actions are created equal.  You can never think your way into action, and only doing the appropriate actions that directly correspond to the desired outcome you want matter.  Busy work does not count.  It never does.

The only way WE experience results that we want is to do what those result uncompromisingly require!

Just DO IT!

Byron Davis

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Hi I'm Byron. Former American record holder, turned career coach. I specifically coach people on how to make a good living with their passion online. I call this "Going Pro With Your Passion!"

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