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An Epic Life Begins With An Epic Plan!

In today’s episode we begin a new series that walks you through creating your own actionable life plan.  If you are serious about getting the best out of yourself and the most out of your life than you must be intentional about what you truly want out of every area of your life.

That’s where a life plan becomes very useful.

You see, the sad truth is most people will spend more time planning their vacations than they will ever spend planning their own life.  You don’t have to make this mistake.  Decide what you want out of your life.  Decide what matters most and then what will work best in achieving the things that you want.

Sounds like a plan?

Let’s begin!


In this video I explain how 90% of the thoughts the average person thinks are not their own…

and what you can do to reclaim control of your mind. Mass media and marketing have done an outstanding job at influencing popular culture to the extent that most of what’s trending in our minds come, not from inner origins, but outside influences and triggers.

Here’s a simple approach to right the ship of your own mind and reclaim control of the helm.

What do you think?  What are your thoughts? :-) Comment below?

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On this episode of the Live Your Epic Life podcast we talk to Mayi Carles from and the Life Is Messy Bootcamp, an online virtual bootcamp that helps creatives and entrepreneurs get organized and get things done!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how you could turn your love for arts and crafts into a fun lifestyle business that you love than you’ll enjoy this episode with mayi carles (life is messy).  We talk about how she overcame her own personal doubts and fears of launching out on her own, how she dealt with “haters” and even loved ones who meant well but just didn’t get what she wanted to do.

Mayi is living proof that crafting a live and career you love around your passions and strengths is within anyones reach!

Mayi shares how she found her voice and how when she became comfortable with who she was something incredible happened to her business and her life!  What you will hear just may be as Oprah used to say, “a light bulb moment!”

All this and more…

Let’s begin!

Jeff Goins

I truly enjoyed this interview with, acclaimed author, blogger, and all around great guy, Jeff Goins.  Jeff is very candid about his journey towards becoming a full time writer, blogger and coach.  As you know (if you follow this blog or podcast), I am a very big advocate for everyone to at least seriously consider creating multiple streams of income around doing and sharing what you love.

Having a passion based or lifestyle business -either full time or on the side- is a great way to do work that matters and get paid to do what you love.  What I appreciate about Jeff is, he’s achieving this the “RIGHT WAY.”  With integrity, honesty, and an authentic heart for helping people succeed at creating a life and career that they love.

It’s not about “get rich quick!”  It’s about meeting the needs of others with your expertise, and translating your strengths into real solutions that help other people.

Jeff recently did a series on his blog on How To Built a Blog Audience of Over 100,000 Readers

In one of his blog post in this series Jeff’s writes:

But there’s a paradox in the pursuit of fame: those who try the hardest to earn others’ attention rarely get it. Conversely, those who scorn the limelight are often the ones dodging the paparazzi.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. But with writing and other artistic crafts, I’ve found it to be undeniably accurate. Something interesting happens when you make passion your chief pursuit: People start to notice.

The world is desperate for, even envious of, people living purposeful lives that are free from fear. We are all inspired by those brave enough to shirk the trappings of fame and do work that matters.

If you are interested in “going pro” with your writing, or want another fresh perspective on the personal development, make sure you check Jeff’ blog out.

You can also reach him here:

Be well my friend, and remember in everything you do, live generously, live courageously, and always finish well!