Decisively living is the ability to take immediate action on a choice that best serves your desired outcome. On today’s podcast we complete the epic life plan series by learning to live decisively.

At this point we’ve learned how to to take an idea or ambition and actually see it clearly, and express it fully. Seeing what you want clearly means getting a clear dynamic picture of what you truly want, in each area of your life, and understanding what matters most to that dynamic picture and what works best.

After seeing what you want clearly, you learned how to express what you want fully. Expressing things fully is simply knowing how to take simple, consistent, and committed actions that are congruent to the very thing you desire.

Today we discuss the last element in “expressing” what you want clearly: Decisive Living!

Let’s begin!


In this episode we move from “Seeing” what you want clearly to “Expressing” what you want fully. Self expression is the missing link that most people over look when attempting to achieve their goals.

In this podcast you’ll be introduced to what true “self expression” is and how to leverage it to make your goals happens. You’ll even learn why “belief” is over rated and what you need “to do” instead, to achieve your goals in spite of limited belief.

This marks the second major step in crafting your Epic Life Plan:

Express What You Want Fully!



Call Your Calling to The Surface
In this episode we learn how to call our calling to the surface so that no matter what situation we currently find ourselves in, we will know how to leverage what we already have to acquire what we really want.

The exercise you are about to learn in this episode will show you how to identify things currently within your reach that will directly aid you in accomplishing the goals that matter most to you in each area of your life.

Please leave a comment below and share your best take aways and ideas you harvested from this episode. Also, please share new tips and resources that have helped you in the past gain more clarity on your own calling(s) in life.

Here’s to your Epic Life!